The Beginning of Treatment

Paul and I were ready to take on whatever we had to. We knew that this diagnosis meant we would be starting chemotherapy and it was important there was no delay on treatment. Our baby needed urgent care and after officially confirming from two separate pathologists that it was definitely Wilms, our consultant was able […]

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When I start to write it all down I start to realise that every day we were venturing further and further into something you can never be prepared for. I definitely wasn’t prepared for this. I loved my family and as anyone who knows me will tell you I enjoyed life and even more I […]

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We Are Not Alone

The next day my body ached, I had cried so hard the night previous I actually felt like it was possible I had damaged some internal organs. On the plus side though I think that night had been the first step of me letting it out. Little did I know months later I would be […]

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‘One Day at A Time’

Tuesday arrived and loaded with what little information we had previously been given and the dribble that Dr Google had provided us with we headed back with our ‘happy and healthy’ baby boy. He had been fasting since the previous evening and was taking it in his stride. Paul and I had hardly slept. I […]

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Paranoia to a New Level?

My favourite part of the day has always been bed time routine. Nothing beats striping them of their fun stained clothes and letting them loose, tickling and playing.  Maybe it’s the sleepy snuggles I love or on many occasions it’s the end result, two sleeping babies. I started with Nathanael, he was sitting on his […]

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